bride and groom walk in confetti outside st marys chuch thame

Throwing Confetti at Weddings – My Top Tips

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I love this part of the wedding day. Throwing confetti at weddings is so much fun and I love to capture it!

Throwing confetti at weddings is a tradition that dates back hundreds of years and has evolved considerably. The tradition of throwing confetti began in Italy, where they used to throw sweets during parades and carnivals. The words ‘Confetti’ actually means ‘Sweets’ in Italian. During weddings, rice was thrown over the newlyweds as a symbol of fertility and prosperity. Thankfully we have moved on from the days where you would likely be hit in the face with copious amounts of sugared almonds and rice. I would imagine that could be quite painful! Nowadays we have beautiful paper confetti or biodegradable flower petals which look amazing and won’t leave you battered and bruised. Read on to find out my top tips for throwing confetti at weddings

bride and groom walking in throwing of confetti outside de vere latimer estate chesham
bride and groom walk in confetti outside st marys chuch thame

What wedding confetti should we use

So no more rice, thank goodness. Can you image the clear up after that! Nowadays we are much more eco-friendly and concerned about our environment so we use confetti that won’t damage it. The most common choice when it comes to throwing confetti at weddings is biodegradable confetti or paper confetti. Biodegradable confetti are real flowers petals, made up mainly from wildflowers and real rose petals. They look beautiful and won’t damage the environment. They are favoured and commonly stipulated by venues as they don’t have to clear them away afterwards. You can pack them up in beautiful little pouches or cones for your guests and they will look fab

Another popular choice for confetti photos are bubbles! Kids love them, in fact so do the adults! There is no lasting mess and they are good fun. Plus they look great in photos too! Confetti cannons are also popular and really provide the wow factor but definitely check your wedding ceremony venues confetti policy before buying these

bride and groom walking in confetti. bride in white wedding dress and flower crown
bride and groom walk in confetti in gardens of audley house

Where is the best place for throwing confetti at weddings

You will need to have a chat with your wedding venue beforehand to make sure they are happy with you throwing confetti. They may have a confetti policy! Some churches don’t allow throwing confetti at weddings due to the mess it can create so check with them first to see if they are ok with it. If they do allow it then the best spot will be right out the front as you exit the church, provided they have a nice walkway. Whilst you are waiting inside the church, just having married the love of your life, your guests will be waiting to receive you as newlyweds. Most reception venues allow confetti but it is still best to ask first. For the best confetti photos, ideally, you want a nice clear area, free from cars and other members of the public. Somewhere that will show off your beautiful wedding venue in the background works well

bride and groom smiling and walking in throwing of confetti outside st marys church
bride and groom walk in confetti outside the ashes barn wedding in stoke on trent

How much confetti should we use

Loads, tons, heaps! I love confetti and the more the merrier! Go big or go home! Have I stressed my point enough? For your wedding confetti to look really great in your wedding photos you need lots of it. Buy loads of the stuff and enlist the help of the bridal party or the groomsmen to hand it out on the day. I will assist in ensuring that all of your wedding guests are equally placed to form a nice even line down either side on the day. Now all you have to do is go for it! Big smiles, laughter, a kiss, all work well! This is a really fun time of the day and I want that to shine through in your images

bride and groom walk out of church into confetti in surrey wedding
bride and groom walk in confetti smiling outside de vere latimer estate wedding

I really hope you enjoyed my blog on my top tips for throwing confetti at weddings. If you are stuck for ideas then have a look on Amazon as they stock tons of different types of confetti

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