man and woman embrace during golden hour and touch noses in a cambridge park in pre wedding shoot

Pre-Wedding Shoot Tips and Advice

May 20, 2020 | Engagement

Welcome to my pre wedding shoot tips and advice blog!  I love pre wedding shoots, they are such a happy occasion and so much fun! Here I talk about why I think they are a great idea and what to expect on the day.  Plus I give my top tips for getting the best out of the shoot

Why Should we Consider a Pre Wedding Shoot

You have just got engaged and you are super excited for your big day.  Rightly so, it’s going to be amazing!  It is a magical time for all couples and you have so much to look forward to in the months ahead.  You now have lots of exciting things to plan, venues to visit, flower to choose, cakes to (try out first of course) order and guest lists to compose

Let’s not forget the main reason that you got engaged in the first place.  Before all the planning and preparation begins.  You want to spend the rest of your lives with each other, your best friend.  You want to grow old together and make lots of happy memories along the way.  This happy time should be celebrated and documented.  What better way to do so than with a pre wedding shoot.  It is a great opportunity for you to celebrate such a happy milestone in your relationship.  Plus you will get some wonderful shots of the two of you for you to treasure forever!

I Don’t Like Having my Photo Taken!

A lot of couples I work with tell me that they are either not used to being in front of the camera or are not comfortable with it.  This was one of my reasons for writing this pre wedding shoot tips blog.  This is where I come in!  It is my job to make you feel more at ease so that we can get the best from the session.  During a pre wedding shoot, I endeavour to make my couples feel as comfortable as they possibly can.  I want you to try and forget that you are even in front of the camera.  It’s important to me to capture the natural interaction between the two of you.  The laughter and the smiles and the special tender moments.

Whilst we are walking around I will be looking for the best backdrops with the most flattering light.  I want you to look your best in every shot.  If you are unsure what to do, how to stand, where to put your hands, I will help you out and give you a bit of direction.  By the end of the photoshoot, I guarantee that you will have enjoyed it and you will be ready for your wedding photos on your special day

What Should we Wear for Our Pre Wedding shoot

One of my top tips is to wear something comfortable for your pre wedding shoot! There is nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable in your clothes, it will certainly show in your images.  Have a think about it before the session and try and co-ordinate your outfits to a certain extent.  If you decide on smart you should both be smart, casual then both casual.  Try and choose clothes that suit you, your style and also the location that you choose for the shoot.  Do remember that this is a really special occasion and you want to look your best in your images.  If it were me I would wear something a bit special

I also advise on nothing too patterned.  No big logo’s as they can be distracting and nothing that will date too much over time.  You want your images to be timeless.  Personally I love neutral colours as I feel they look best in photographs

man and woman embrace and smile at each other in oxford street during their pre wedding shoot

Where Should We Have our Pre Wedding shoot

This is quite an important one and it can make the difference between a good pre wedding shoot and a really great shoot.  Try and choose somewhere that has some emotional meaning to the two of you.  Maybe the city where you both met.  The park that you took your first stroll in or had a picnic in on your first date.  If you don’t have a special place then that’s fine, just pick somewhere that you like the look of or somewhere that you enjoy going to as a couple.  A city centre can make a great location as can a pretty park or national trust property.  Wherever we do the shoot we will get a real range of photos in different locations.  Don’t worry if you get really stuck, we will find somewhere together

What Can We Expect on The Day

I like to keep pre wedding shoots as relaxed as possible and I want you to have a great day, and have fun.  When we meet up we will go for a wander around and have a chat.  I like to get to know you a bit better and plus, I love an engagement story.  When I spot a good location where the backdrop is good and so is the lighting, we will stop and take a few pictures there, then we will move on.  The session will be really informal so that we can get the best from it.   I want to try and make it as relaxed and as fun as possible

Afterwards I like to get your images to you as soon as possible.  I know you will be excited to see them, just give me a couple of weeks max!

I hope you have enjoyed reading my blog.  If you would like to book a pre wedding photo shoot then I would love to hear from you.  Please contact me here. Please also check out my pre wedding shoot blogs below. If you would like to discuss your wedding photography I would love to hear all about your exciting wedding day

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