bride and groom embrace outside church in thame after wedding ceremony

How to Look Great in Your Wedding Photos

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You have the most amazing wedding day booked at the most gorgeous wedding venue. Your hair and makeup trials have all gone brilliantly and your outfits are to die for. You are going to look and feel amazing on your wedding day and you are practically skipping with excitement! Your wedding photographer is booked (me hopefully) and it is really important to you that your wedding photos are natural and beautifully capture your day. Plus you want to feel and look great in your wedding photos right? This is where I come in!

For many, me included I have to say, the thought of having your photos taken and being the centre of attention can be a daunting experience. Your wedding photography is one of the most important investments and it is your lasting memory of your wedding day. I want you to love everything about your wedding photos and to swoon over them for years to come. Here are my top five tips on how to look great in your wedding photos

1. Trust me

I love to get to know my couples before the wedding day itself. It is really important to me that we have a great relationship and that you feel comfortable with me on your wedding day. I’ll be a big part of your wedding day and we will be spending a lot of time together so I really want you to trust me. I won’t be in your pocket but I pride myself on always being on hand for my couples throughout the process, from booking up until the big day itself. Let’s keep in touch and check in every now and then, even if it just to say hi! I strongly feel that by having that bond beforehand will mean that on the wedding day itself it will be more like having an extra friend at your wedding!

On the wedding day I will blend into your day and become part of the furniture. My style is very natural and relaxed. You will find me in the corner giggling at speeches and on the dancefloor in the evening with you and your guests, capturing the funny and tender moments. Relax and trust that your wedding photos are in safe hands and your day will be captured beautifully!

When it comes to your bride and groom portraits, trust that you will look amazing. You will look relaxed and you will look super gorgeous. This is not my first rodeo (so to speak). I pride myself on the fact that I can make the most uncomfortable couple in front of the camera look fab in their wedding photos!

bride and groom portrait in long grass a de vere latimer estate wedding
bride and groom walking holding hands after wedding ceremony at waddesdon dairy
bride and groom walking smiling in grounds of fanhams hall after wedding

2. Relax!

Ok I know that is really easy for me to say but it’s a biggie! I promise you I won’t put you into any naff poses. I won’t have you swinging from trees, or peeking out from behind bushes, that’s very 1990’s! Your bride and groom portraits are all about the connection that you two share. The love, the intimacy, the romance! I always start any shoot with a wander. It is a great way of getting you relaxed, plus you are not concentrating on me and the camera at all, you are concentrating solely on each other. You will have just had your wedding ceremony and a brief catch up with some of your guests so you will have lots to talk about. Chat away, laugh at the funny moments, reminisce about the service, talk about the exciting honeymoon that you are sooooo looking forward to!

You have just married the love of your life and your soulmate and this is your first time together as a happily married couple. I want you to enjoy this moment and treasure it, relax and try and forget I am even there. I will be capturing your special moments as they unfold before me. The little looks you give each other, the tender touches, that little kiss on the forehead. I will be there to guide you through any poses that require a little help so do not worry, I will ensure you look great in your wedding photos!

groom holds bride up outside nether winchendon house. bride holding bouquet down
bride and groom looking at each other smiling on cambridge street during engagement shoot
bride and groom embrace outside church in thame after wedding ceremony

3. Have you thought about an engagement shoot?

I am by no means a pushy salesperson but this is a service I offer to all my wedding couples. You may be wondering what an engagement shoot even is or why you would want one. This is a great opportunity for us to get to know each other better before the big day. It is also great for getting you a bit more relaxed in front of the camera!

We will start the shoot with a bit of a catch up before we go for a wander around. I want to hear how all of your wedding planning is going first! Where you choose to have your shoot is entirely up to you. I can always give a few pointers if you get stuck. In fact, I have written a blog all about engagements shoots, check it out here. Some couples love a bustling city shoot while others prefer a quiet country park

Wherever you choose to have your engagement photo shoot it is all about you two and the connection that you have. It is a great introduction to having your photos taken professionally before your wedding day. Plus you get a load of gorgeous images of the two of you to celebrate your engagement. What could be better!

couple walking holding hands during golden hour in cambridge park during engagement shoot
couple sitting on bench laughing during engagement shoot at coombe hill
couple embrace in oxford street smiling during engagement shoot

4. Take your time!

I know this sounds really cliche but your wedding day will fly by! Once your wedding ceremony is over and the drinks reception begins, I normally steal you away for about forty-five minutes for your couples portraits. This is my absolute favourite part of your wedding day. As you will see from my site, I love couples portraits! I’ll give a little guidance so that we get the best from the session. There will be no cheesy posing or awkward smiles, I promise! I love beautifully elegant and romantic portraits that you and your family can hang on your walls for years to come. I promise you, you will look great in your wedding photos

It is really important that we have time to capture this session and that it is not rushed. This should be factored into your wedding day when you do your wedding planning. If we have to travel between venues then have a think beforehand about where you want certain shots taken. Some couples will want a few photos taken outside the church before moving on to the reception venue. This is absolutely fine, we just need to work out the timings beforehand. Please also check out my wedding timeline blog here for a few pointers

bride and groom embrace next to bicycles in busy cambridge street during pre wedding shoot
bride and groom sitting on steps at domaine de la gravette
bride and groom embrace at nether winchendon house. bride in white wedding dress

Enjoy it, it will be fun!

This is the first opportunity for you both to spend some quality time together as a happily married couple. I want you to relax, have a cuddle, mess around, whatever it is you do together that makes you smile. As your wedding photographer, I will just be there to capture it. This session should be fun, it should be intimate and it should be stress-free. You will have fun, I promise you. I just want you to have an amazing day and I want you to look great in your wedding photos, and you will!

bride and groom holding hands walking away from notley abbey
bride and groom embrace smiling outside fanhams hall wedding
bride and groom walking holding hands in front of de vere latimer estate wedding

I really hope you enjoyed my blog and now feel super confident that you will look great in your wedding photos. If you would like to discuss your wedding photography it would be great to have a chat over a cuppa

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