This week baby Ethan came to visit me in my home studio for some newborn photographs.  Ethan was 15 days old when we did the shoot and as you can see from the photos he is super cute!

He didn’t want to sleep very much, he was far too interested in everything that was going on around him, not that you would think it from the shots that we got.  Perseverance got us there and we got a lovely little gallery of images that mum and dad love and will treasure forever.

Newborn photography is a big passion of mine.  It is very easy in those early days for life to go by in a bit of a haze.  I will help you create those really special memories that will last a lifetime.  If you are after a Buckinghamshire newborn photographer then please get in touch.

I say to clients that babies should be between six and twenty one days old for the perfect shoot



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