This week I had the absolute pleasure of photographing baby Emilia during a newborn photography shoot at my house in Buckinghamshire.  Emilia was 18 days old and was an absolute dream from start to finish.  She arrived wide awake but quickly went off into a slumber after a good drink and she remained perfectly sleepy throughout, allowing me to get some truly amazing photos of her.  She had the most perfect skin as you can see and those cheeks were so beautifully squidgy I couldn’t get enough of her.

Her parents were lovely and relaxed and allowed me to take complete control over the shoot, something which is very important in newborn photography.  She transitioned brilliantly between the different props so I managed to get a great selection of shots that I hope mum and dad and their families will be very happy with.

Newborn photography is best carried out in the first few weeks as babies are more sleepy during this period.  If you are after a Buckinghamshire Newborn Photographer then please get in touch and I will capture those precious memories for you

Suzy x


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